“Seal Jubilee” -Bat for Lashes

As I persist in my own personal process. I bring something with me to the table. A piece of art created by one of my favorite Artist that seems to recount my rut & my limbo, which I am thankful to no longer be in. Can I give a time frame of these two? No, I feel to give a time frame would be much to broad. For it is an expansion of my life in it’s entirety. As I’ve gone from dark to light on numerous accounts. The song & lyrics I’ve brought to the table is simply a beautiful reminder of my internal madness & peace.

Be careful I was once told, moths flock to the flame ;). -Rest In Peace Cynthia.. Mom

The seals, they cried in jubilee
The sharks, they howled along with me
And birds, they flew into the wind
The whale, he roamed the lonely sea

And I dived into you
I dived into you
On this ocean hue
‘Cause I dived into you

The lighthouse dog lifted his brow
The crippled trees bent low to growl
And swans, they wrestled with lifetime’s grasp
In hopefullness they nestled the past
Teachers and travellers made their mark
They dined and feasted on whale and shark
And so the ocean lost its depths
And boredom rained as the ocean wept

Birds they raised their young for dead
And ladies used feathery pillows for bed
And black snow came and black snow stayed
And froze the ocean out of love
Out of love

I lay quiet, next to you
Transformed a whole
Transformed a new
No longer diving into
But lying quiet next
To you

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The Health Benefits of Singing

As a I venture on a new journey to health, I came across this:

1) Singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygen in the blood stream & exercises major muscle groups in the body (even while sitting).
2) Your body produces ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins, which rush around your body when you sing. Which is linked to our sense of emotional well being.
3) When people sing together they feel increased sense of community belonging & shared endeavor.
4) Increases lung capacity, improves posture. Clears respiratory tubes & sinuses. Increases mental through greater oxygenation.
5) Boosts immunity by producing a healthy lymphatic system.
6) Lowers blood pressure.

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Control is an Illusion

Relinquish control on life.  Control is an illusion. 
=Their is a higher power working at hand.
…There There

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“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne & Others:

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Making a Living & Making a Killing.

Photoshoot with my Roomie:
In these Demon Days, The Spark is Felt.

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

Shannon & Veronica. Copyright: Zefvershan Photography

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Composed Chaos, for peace of mind.

I am not a messiah. I am not a healer. I am not a teacher. I am [simply] awake.
Expectations from the world. If perception is reality, the words you choose don’t necessarily mean the same to me. Upright & forthcoming, the messenger sends no facts. It is not an attack. Aware of the despair, but on the front feilds of an alliance. Things can be rather compliant. The signal of a monotoned momentous occasion was simply an invasion of your persuasion. An unkind act from fellow man, for your kin. Let us not go forward but rather begin. This is not the end. Do not cage me up. Let me free from the twined resign.  We’ve been there from time to time. Oh never, have I ever seen such a sight. A clinched body, holding on so tight. Yet, somehow knowing it will all be set right.

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Video Killed the Radio Star

I will stop, I will stop at nothing. Say the right things, when electioneering. I trust I can rely on your vote. When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet.
Riot Shields & Voodoo Economics… It’s Just Business.
A heart that’s full up like a landfill. A job that slowly kills you Bruises that won’t heal.  You look so tired unhappy.  I’ll take a quiet life A handshake of carbon monoxide.  And no alarms and no surprises.

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Flip Side

I have on an album on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VronBlunt) called “Flip Side” in which I post random remarks, quotes or photos I feel are relevant to my life. I’ve decided to give an inspirational short story via photos from my Facebook album.

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About a Boy.

I love a boy who is not afraid to hold my purse, insists on carrying the groceries and doesn’t want me to have to hold a thing, a boy who will sit and watch girlie shoes with me and somehow find some sort of entertainment out of it. A boy who cleans in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping. The list goes on. But I do love A boy. ♥

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I Think vs I Feel

1. “I think.” This part focuses on the facts and your understanding of what’s going on. It should not include judgments or assumptions about the person’s motives. It should not in any way attack. “I think” is a clear description of events and experiences that you need to talk about-and perhaps change. Here are some examples:
• “I think we haven’t spent much time together lately- two nights last week, one the week before.”
• “You’ve billed me for a repair I didn’t authorize.”
• Looking back at the recent past, I think you’ve been late for the majority of our meetings.”
• I’m getting back from the airport late-around 11:00 o’clock- and…”
Notice that there isn’t much hint of emotion in these statements, and there’s no disapproval in the statement of facts.
2. “I feel.” This is an optional component that you’d likely use with a friend or family member but not with your garage mechanic. The purpose is to give a brief, nonpejoractive description of any emotion by the situation. Communication specialists call this component of assertiveness the “I” statement. That’s because it’s about you and your particular feelings. Appropriately, any sense about your emotions should start with I.
• “I feel scared”
• “I feel lonely”
• “Lately, I feel sad about us”
• “I feel hurt, with a twinge of giving up”
• “I feel kind of lost and invisible and more and more disconnected”
• “I feel rejected”
• “I feel hopeful but nervous”
Each example, while naming feelings of varied complexity, never makes the other person bad or wrong. That doesn’t work-it just makes people defensive and less willing to give you anything. Accusations and blame statements often start with the word “you”-so they’re called “you” statements.
• “You’re hurting me.”
• “You don’t care about us.”
• “You’re always late.”
• “You’re ruining our business”
Some people dress up “you” statements to look like “I” statements. This charade is usually obvious because the sentence starts, “I feel that you…”
• “I feel that you’re selfish.”
• “I feel that you’re never home.”
• “I feel that you manipulate me.”
Notice that a judgment, not a feeling forms the core of such communications. It’s certainly safer than an “I” statement-because the speaker is less vulnerable-but it communicates nothing about the emotional experience.
3. “I want.” This component is the whole point of assertiveness, and you need to think it through carefully. Here are some guidelines to follow:
• Ask for behavioral, not additional change. You can’t reasonably expect someone to change what they believe or feel just because you don’t like it. Beliefs and feelings aren’t usually in voluntary control. But you can ask someone to change how they act and what they do.
• Ask for one change at a time. Don’t give a laundry list. That overwhelms people and makes them feel pressured.
• Ask for something that can be changed now. “The next time we go on vacation I want you to…” is a poor “I want” statement because it’ll be long forgotten when the next vacation arrives.
• Be specific and concrete. Vague requests like “Be nicer” don’t get you anywhere because nobody has a very clear picture of what they mean. Describe what new behavior you expect and say when and where you’d want it to come. Asking someone for twenty minutes of help doing research on the Internet is more effective than requesting “technological assistance”
4. Self care solution (optional): Just asking for things isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to give people encouragement (reinforcement) before they’re motivated to do something for you. The encouragement that works best is a fourth (optional) component of your assertive script called the self-care solution. This amounts to nothing more than telling the other person what you’ll do to take care of yourself if they don’t comply with your request. The self-care solution isn’t the same thing as threatening someone or punishing them. Its purpose is to give information and show that you’re not helpless, that you have a plan to solve the problem.
• “If you can’t leave for the party on time, I’ll take my own car.”
• “If you can’t help with the cleaning, I’ll hire a maid and we’ll divide the expense.”
• “If you can’t find a way to keep the party noise down, I’ll ask the police to help you.”
• “If you want to drive without insurance, I’ll transfer the title to your name and you can take over the payments as well.”
*None of these self-care solutions are designed to hurt the other person; they’re about protecting your rights and taking care of your own needs.

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