Pollution, Mind-Body & Sorts

Two New York University students have designed T-Shirts that change color when the air quality is bad.  Pollution from cars, factories, or even second-hand smoke is detected by a carbon monoxide sensor.  Then which a micro-controller will send electrical currents through the shirt, the wires heat up which change the heart (a pink graphic) to blue.

Niam Lam one of the designers makes this informative statement “The organs in your body are invisible to you, just like pollution and the other silent killers out there”. Sue Ngo adds “We wanted to bring up that visualization, bring the inside out. This is a stark reminder for yourself and others around you”.

The designers are in hopes for mass production looking to “organize mobs to wear them around the city”.  They are already moving on to their next project, an alcohol detector…Pretty Inventive, Check out the video below:

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