The Last Few Moments of 2013

Sometimes you’re “knight & shinning armor” is really a retard in tin foil.  Change the emotion of jealousy that your holding. Identity, crisis breaks mirrors, vices steer us through wickedness. Jesus Christ is right near us and the devil said you owe 10%. You’re telling me that your golden but really cubic zirconian to me. I’ll break you down like a pound of fire whenever your tactics are mighty clever.  Look for the dream that keeps coming back, it is your destiny.

…some monumental, some not so much…


Thrift store shopping :D. Got 2 of these 60’s Mod Generational chairs for my lovely back yard. = Proud Parent. Lmao

Dark Lips.. Bright Day

The Blunt Girls Christmas (Mine is the big white Louis).

Big Hair.. Didn’t Care.

My Left Hand…

Pardon me, I happen to think you’re sweet ;).

I always long to learn something in whatever I’m doing.

“I was so directionally confused”. VB


straight out of the salon Bish.


From LA to NY.







I really do <3.

😉 :) :D

Right Hand.

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