“Seal Jubilee” -Bat for Lashes

As I persist in my own personal process. I bring something with me to the table. A piece of art created by one of my favorite Artist that seems to recount my rut & my limbo, which I am thankful to no longer be in. Can I give a time frame of these two? No, I feel to give a time frame would be much to broad. For it is an expansion of my life in it’s entirety. As I’ve gone from dark to light on numerous accounts. The song & lyrics I’ve brought to the table is simply a beautiful reminder of my internal madness & peace.

Be careful I was once told, moths flock to the flame ;). -Rest In Peace Cynthia.. Mom

The seals, they cried in jubilee
The sharks, they howled along with me
And birds, they flew into the wind
The whale, he roamed the lonely sea

And I dived into you
I dived into you
On this ocean hue
‘Cause I dived into you

The lighthouse dog lifted his brow
The crippled trees bent low to growl
And swans, they wrestled with lifetime’s grasp
In hopefullness they nestled the past
Teachers and travellers made their mark
They dined and feasted on whale and shark
And so the ocean lost its depths
And boredom rained as the ocean wept

Birds they raised their young for dead
And ladies used feathery pillows for bed
And black snow came and black snow stayed
And froze the ocean out of love
Out of love

I lay quiet, next to you
Transformed a whole
Transformed a new
No longer diving into
But lying quiet next
To you

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