Composed Chaos, for peace of mind.

I am not a messiah. I am not a healer. I am not a teacher. I am [simply] awake.
Expectations from the world. If perception is reality, the words you choose don’t necessarily mean the same to me. Upright & forthcoming, the messenger sends no facts. It is not an attack. Aware of the despair, but on the front feilds of an alliance. Things can be rather compliant. The signal of a monotoned momentous occasion was simply an invasion of your persuasion. An unkind act from fellow man, for your kin. Let us not go forward but rather begin. This is not the end. Do not cage me up. Let me free from the twined resign. ¬†We’ve been there from time to time. Oh never, have I ever seen such a sight. A clinched body, holding on so tight. Yet, somehow knowing it will all be set right.

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