Jigsaw Falling Into Place

It use to be cinematography… Greens, Blues, Yellows & Burgundy.  Now it’s all neon.  The light is still shinning but is no longer warm and dim.  I prefer the softer side of things.  The dark and the light.  But the consistent neon is a drag.  It’s time to revamp.  Light some candles, set some boundaries and grow back into my own.
I have two days off work starting tomorrow.  I’m dedicating it to taking care of some tasks that have been hanging over my shoulder:  my car needs fixed, a bass pedal of mine got stolen :( which needs replaced and I need to get the input of my bass fixed.  It’s funny how when you’re on a roll something always seems to get in the way.  But you can’t stop me now and I won’t let this slow my plans.
Yesterday I went through all my music and narrowed down my songs to 15 tracks for a set list.  I’m continuing to narrow down my music for small venues as well.  I have some wonderful ideas for nicknames that I intend on using for my sets, but won’t release the info till the time comes.
The inspiration is in the right place and I’m beginning to find my niche.  As long as I continue to persevere then the outcome will eventually be what I’ve foreseen in my dreams.  Dreams of reds, oranges, curtains, and a stage.  “This is one for the good old days I have it all here in retrograde”.

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