Composure Composer

The past few days, my creative skills have been on the bound.
I’ve decided to dedicate my spare time to the arts. The outcome? A life of fufillment and bliss. My ultimate goal? To showcase my music. How to do this? Practice. Why? Because practice makes perfect, or at least makes improvement.
My father once told me a story about Michael Jordan. When he was a kid he would practice making a basket everyday. He did so until he became a legend.—> This goes to show that hardwork truly pays off. And it can apply in all aspects of life (whether that be work, school, dealing with friends and family¬†or persuing your passions; whatever that may be).
As I sit here taking in deep breaths snuggled up in a sweatshirt, drinking a chai tea, water and diet coke, partially wanting to hide from the world and go in a cocoon of comfort, I pray…Something I should be doing more often.¬†
I have been practicing my set list these past few days in hopes of being able to play my FIRST show in the matter of weeks. I have it all constructed in my mind. And also intend on doing this project alone, with the help of some good energy and backing tracks.
In the meantime to let out more creative steam I am working on a painting. I describe it as nature in a simplistic form with hints of retro (which I always find insiring).
I am setting boundaries for myself. Nothing can stop someone from accomplishing their goals as long as they have the willpower. This (willpower) comes form within.
So here goes nothing…

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