Pink Plastic Bags

I feel like we’re in retrograde, or at least I am. There’s been a halt on spending my life at the Blvd. The past couple days have been rather complacent and I can’t say I mind it. This morning I awoke early went to Starbucks & Trader Joes. I finally have groceries in my home! After my early morning errands I cleaned my apartment & am currently am on the treadmill soon to do some Yoga. I’ve got work today from 3-10:30pm at Cafe Audrey. A lot of positive things have been happening for the Cafe! I take pride in what I do so I feel as if I own a part of it, being personally accountable and all. We have Open Mic Nights every Wednesday which are really fun andexciting. This Friday April & I threw a Reggae event in celebration of 4/20 (many more events to come). The cafe is making a lot of changes, ones worthy of coming in and checking out the place.
My music is coming about and I have a couple of photoshoots coming up as well. “Know it’s all coming” is my current mantra. I’ve got great friends a great family a sturdy ground and I’m standing on it.

*CoWorkers* Abby & I @ Open Mic Night 4 Cafe Audrey

The Kids @ Open Mic Night

It's a Boot Party

@ Solar De Cahuenga with Davis & Luka



When the Saints go Marching In

Glitter me Up

Holy Heels

Cat Eyes


Lauren, Myself & April <3

What's the SItcom called?

Give me Coffee & T.V.

Lady in Red

A Whole Lot of Jack

Album: Your friends These Boots Were Made 4 Walking

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