Friday The Thirteenth

It’s 9 am, I’m listening to The Raveonettes.. nice late 50/early 60’s music to set the days tone. Going over the pieces of my life, threading through the important and unimportant thoughts and tasks I need to continue accomplishing. I got some clothes racks at Ikea so I could better organize my new apartment (I simply just have too many things to be fitting in one closet, Eek). I also added some frames to some beautiful paintings I have hanging up from the Getty. And am thinking of having an art show once the place is fully set up. I’ve just created a list of things I need to finish this week and do over the weekend. More job hunting, a trip to the DMV, another trip to Ikea?!
Photo Update:

Poolside with Lauren

My Friend Justin & I

Benny & The Jets (Lauren, Myself & Jenny)

Lauren & I - Hollywood

Lauren, Me & Ian

Me & Ian


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