No Regrets

Although an old soul, I am still on the journey of life.   Currently I am aiming to achieve many things… one of those being to live a life without regrets.
1)  Forgive yourself.  Everyone makes terrible choices and past mistakes.   You can only try to repair and/or learn from them.
2)  Start with your relationships- All the people in your life have something to teach you. Value them.
* Make sure the people in your life know you care and love them, tell them and show them in different ways.
3)  Appreciate what you have, including past and future gifts.
4)   Initiate habits to keep your body healthy (when you’re older you’ll be much happier you decided to wear that sunscreen).
5)   Stop if you have been abusive, dishonest, neglectful or cruel to any person or animal. Stop. Make amends. It takes a strong person to say “I am sorry, forgive me.”   However if the person wants nothing to do with you, back away and write them a letter.  Healing takes time.
6) Realize that life can be messy, it is better to be open to change.   You will be a happier and more relaxed human being [all things I struggle with from time to time].
7) Focus more on relationships and interests and less on material things.  If you spend your whole life worrying about your appearance or material goods, there will be deep regrets on what you did not pay attention to in life.
8) Remember to avoid giving your time to people or activities that are worthless in the long run.  If you are in a abusive relationship-get out.  If you can’t get out-report them.  You are wasting life so try to go towards people and activities that make you feel fulfilled and happy.
9)  If or when you have children, spend time with them.  Buying them things is not the same as just hanging out with them.  Pay attention to the small things that they like.  Try to accept them as the valuable people that they are.
10) Although hard to do, wishing for what might have been is silly.  Accept what you have and be grateful.
11) Treat your mate in life like gold.   Don’t fight over money as relationships are more important.
12) Realize that the world is made to fit all types of people, and everybody has a place somewhere to make a change.  To start looking for a tomorrow, you must forget the past.  The reasons are more important than the events. When you fight for your happiness, nothing can get in the way.

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