“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”

Last night I had a scary dream…it goes on the top list, as far as terrifying dreams go.  In summary I was sitting on a couch in my old home in Kansas City (my father and sister Ciara were around), out of nowhere the floor on the right side became water and two crocodile tails appeared.  Of course I wasn’t sure what exactly it was and then I saw the full body.  These crocodiles whipped in the direction of my father and stung him [it is so crazy how dreams make the power of anything possible].  Worried for his safety I believe he went upstairs to heal the wounds.  Then these crocodiles somehow turned into a crocodile/octopus combination (sounds crazy I know!!) that jumped on me and I had to try and pull it off although the tentacles were stinging me with each effort I made.  Finally I had gotten it off but was severely injured… The croctopus was now heading for my sister Ciara.  I ran upstairs to get a knife to then throw in her direction, in hopes that she would be-able to stab the creature to death…this mission was soon successful.  Burnt and anguished Ciara and I headed to some clinic, in which they gave us some ointment for the burns, big blue melatonin pills to take at night, and some other drug to either help cure, or subdue the pain.  The disheartening part about this clinic was they would not tell me if these wounds were fatal.
Somehow outside of the clinic (or the next segment of my dream) was a music festival that my boyfriend Johnny and friends from Kansas City were attending.  No one seemed to be aware of what had just taken place except Ciara and I, and even then she didn’t seem to concerned.
Alone in a tent with my boyfriend at this “music festival” skies began to darken into a gray gloom (there may have been some thunder and lightening I don’t recall) at this time, it felt to me like the end of the world.  It wasn’t exactly clear, but I felt it.. a silent knowing.
Next segment; I was in an old friends car with her cousin, it was an odd moment.. I felt emotionless… She told me she was waiting for me to start our second album.  & I woke

In doing some research to try and come to terms with my dream I learned this:

Crocodiles as a negative sense in dreams represents:

*Judging or feeling judged
*A need
to be more discerning
*Needing to evaluate something
*Adopting a stance of resistance
*Hazards lying beneath the surface of a seemingly harmless situation
*Forewarns of hidden danger/A strong warning
*Someone near you is giving you bad advice and is trying to sway you into poor decisions
*May be an aspect of yourself and your aggressive and “snappy” attitude

*Alligators and crocodiles are creatures that are stealthy, animals that keep themselves well hidden until they are ready to strike. Thus, alligators and crocodiles in dreams can signify ‘hidden danger’–a situation that you are aware of on an intuitive level but are not acknowledging in your conscious mind. This can be a simmering situation at work, a untrustworthy person, or sadly, anything that you can’t really see coming but which strikes out of the blue and without mercy.
*Since alligators and crocodiles are associated with water, and since water is often symbolic of the emotions, when these reptiles appear in your dreams they may be symbols of profound, potent emotions. They can mean your emotions have reached a dangerous level–you may be feeling like they will ‘swallow’ you whole. Your emotions may be reaching a point where they are becoming wild, and you feel you may snap at any given moment. Alligators and crocodiles may also represent false emotions–the idea expressed when we say some one is crying ‘crocodile tears’.

Meaning of Dreams about Octopus:

*Having too many projects on the go at once
*Feeling pulled in several different directions simultaneously
*A powerful body or organization with far-reaching negative effects

*The sea octopus represents a chaotic, eight-legged vortex of flesh and confusion. If you see one in a dream, it may be a sign that you should avoid careless infatuations.
*You are hanging on to something in your life that is holding you back from achieving success.

*Person or a situation which have multiple ways to hold or influence you.

I don’t like to take things as face value, nor do I like to read too much into things…This dream seemed like quite the story to tell.
Crocs 1
Crocs 2
Octo 1
Octo 2

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