Under the Weather

Haven’t been feeling well the past couple days, trying to fight something off.  Been doing my best to keep up with my vitamins the moment I felt it coming, and trying to fill myself with as many nutrients as possible…..but still under the weather, today I did my best to take it easy.
I am hoping to be feeling A-OK for the Gorillaz concert tomorrow, which I have most definitely been looking forward to.  I am currently drinking some night time Theraflu (I’m secretly a fan of the taste).

Before my tea, I took a “spa” like bath that consisted of nutritious well priced products…Here’s a few:

I soaked in this amazing Aveeno Skin Relief Oil

Used my schick razor, the advanced moisture is my favorite blade

Indulged in this Origins face mask (this thing has lasted me for years)

& to get in the spirit, I sudsed in Philosophys pumpkin spice

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