Aspire for More

Yesterday was somewhat low-key, but still got some things done off “my list” [Training, Grocery Store, etc]. I ended up meeting with some friendz @ Jumbo’s Clown Room (where Courtney Love danced before she was a “Rock Star”). L8ter a few of us hung @ Red’s House (C’s new potential guy), love the 360 views up there!

Kelly, Mua, Lauren

Kelly, Myself, Lauren

Don't Smoke Add ;D

Lovely Ladies (L,V,K)

Modern Age

Adore This (Lauren & I)

Ciara the Goblin ;D

Lauren & Kayson

Little Wodey

Lauren, Kayson & Kelmo

I missed my Psychologist appointment today (2nd time in a row, my “excuse” this time is I didn’t hear the alarm, although it’s a TRUE STORY)… going to bed at 7 a.m. when you have a lot to accomplish isn’t the best idea. We have rescheduled for 5 o’clock (AKA an hour from now), thank goodness! Going to see Queen’s of the Stone Age tonight, pretty excited :D! I wish Dave Grohl was gonna be there too, but beggars can’t be choosers. Before the show tonight I can’t forget to eat dinner (or else I’ll be eating late night, which happens either way lol) & I was hoping to put away a few clothes and dishes at some point.
The Mission Begins!

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